Lunch* & Dinner Combinations   -OR-  Two meat combo** (double  combo)

All Combinations come with a side of Shrimp Fried Rice & 1 Shrimp Egg Roll.  You can substitute the shrimp fried rice for Plain Fried Rice (no shrimp), or white rice or Chicken Fried Rice.

You may substitute for any other rice choice not noted above  or Lo Mein Noodles for an additional charge.
Lunch Combinations are not available on Sundays or Holidays, OR after 4pm any day. 
   Dinner Combinations are available any time or any day.  (Dinner combo has more meat & rice).

** You may choose two different types of meat 'items', or double your choice of one meat 'item' in our "Your choice of combo - double combo"  You only get one portion of rice choice and only one egg roll with your two meat choice or double of one meat choice.